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Launch: Share One Mom’s Journey Through Motherhood an All Aspects of Life

Today, I am launching a new blog: Heliopause.

As a kid, I was absolutely fascinated with the idea of the edge of the sun’s influence (aka heliopause). I envision an invisible crossroads that is pulling me in so many directions – oh, and as a mother of six living on this ever evolving planet, let’s just say that the invisible heliopause crossroads is not so invisible or as out of reach as I used to believe it was.

I have never been a one-subject student and my professional career blends both the nerdy and creative side of me. I have an undergrad degree and professional certification in engineering combined with a master degree in rhetoric and technical communication. My master degree and continuing career focus is rhetoric involving intolerance, humanity and the crossroads between the two.

Finally, my youngest child just went to preschool and this blog stems from my now partially kid-free status. Whenever applicable, I certainly like to apply humor. Enjoy.

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