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The Power of Fragility

This is a short post that I published on my former blog and I would like to include it here as well. This was a response to a daily prompt: fragile:


If you had asked me about “fragile” ten years ago, I would probably have been prompted to reflect upon something weak. A breakable flower. Glass cracking. Holding a child in my arms. Life.

Yes, life is and can be fragile, but thinking about fragile today, I think of it as a human strength. Having a part of you that is weak and needs to grow keeps you alive. Being not perfect in every way (or thinking you are perfect in every way), gives you a motive to change into something more.

And when you face moments in life that crack you, it is fragility that makes it difficult to move on until you mend those cracks. And true mending is not a band-aid. A band-aid covers the flaw – mending molds you and the flaw into one, beautiful human being.

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