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Thanks To You, Donald, My Republican Friends Are Tolerable Now

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It is the eve of Election 2016 and I find myself unexpectedly thanking Donald Trump:


Have you ever gone to one of those family or neighborhood gatherings and you hear the words: “What do you think of that candidate?” And even if you are able to pretend you have to pee, get a drink, pick up the kids early from the babysitter, eventually (especially after a few drinks) your Republican friend is loudly boasting that the Republican candidate is best for the United States of ‘Merica followed by a long rant of the cringe-worthy reasoning to base the election on: abortion, terrorists, guns, military, making the country more white-centric, or (my personal favorite) blaming the Democrats for the lack of air-conditioning in some federal buildings.

Well, I need to give Trump a big ‘ole pat on the back. I should say verbal pat on the back as I don’t want to give the wrong impression. In fact, how about I stand really far away from The Donald and mime, “Thank you for being so terrifyingly arrogant, narcissistic, and repulsive that my Republican friends are tolerable now.”

During the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, my Republican friends, families, co-workers, neighbors and I have common ground – Trump is a big, giant bully! And at some point, it seems as if most of us must have been pushed around by a bully or known someone affected by bully because Trump has hit a massive PTSD bully nerve in a good number of the population.

The conversations this election cycle has generated about narcissist personality disorder, bullying, misogyny, and women’s rights are unprecedented, long overdue and absolutely wonderful. There have been numerous comments and genuine discussions in the media about interpersonal power struggles, what success means, accountability, responsibility, citizenship, democracy, plagiarism, and public versus private. Just look at the dialogue and merchandise Trump’s  “Nasty Woman” remark has generated. Frankly, “Nasty Woman” is just the latest of the never-ending list of degrading, sexist comments that flow (yes, FLOW more than once a month) from Trump’s mouth.

Thank you, Donald, as my Republican friends, coworkers, etc. that used to be too worked up about abortion and guns to even consider a reasonable political conversation about class differences, welfare, education, healthcare, and life opportunities are now sounding surprisingly Democratic when they talk about the election. I have had the most enjoyable time being able to actually remain at gatherings rather than find an excuse to bolt. Thank you, Donald, for chasing so many Republicans into communities where democracy thrives.

I don’t know if the anti-Donald Republican portion of the population is large enough with electoral votes for Hillary to win the election, but just opening the door to gender, class, and opportunity discussions is a giant win for the United States of America.

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