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How to Wholeheartedly TRUMP Trump?!?

Despite being literally knocked into depression after the 2016 presidential election of Trump, I have found a way to counter the endless heartbreaking reality that this oppressive, narrow-minded, awful human being is the 45th president of the United States—by talking and writing about the exact things that Trump would think is ridiculous fodder: humanity, empathy, compassion, and tolerance.

I have a bit of experience dealing with people like Trump. Most prominently in my life would be any interaction with my father-in-law (at one time he was the largest grain farmer in a large portion of South Dakota). I have spent too much of my 18 years of marriage and my adult life either trying to keep my father-in-law from ruining my life, my children’s lives, or recovering from this malignant narcissist meddling, controlling, and attempting to ruin as much as possible for myself, my husband and many people close to us.

I have found over the years (thanks to the advice from many online blogs) that the thing that narcissists (like Trump) hate the most is you doing things for yourself and especially, you succeeding at them. They want you to fail. They want you to be beholden to them. They want you to be weak. They want all the information they can get from you to use against you. Narcissists don’t want to even imagine or believe that you may be happy without them meddling and controlling your life. Trump’s attacking tweets, awkward transition process and choices for heads of state departments, glaring transition mistakes, and lack of basic democratic decency are all verification that Trump’s narcissism is shifting to a point where he believes the entire U.S. (and it’s likely safe to say, the world) is beholden to HIM.

I vow to counter Trump with humanity, empathy, tolerance, and compassion. And that begins by beginning the next four years on a blaring high note. In fact, several high notes. This isn’t to say that my days still don’t include a large amount of slogging through life and moments where things don’t go smoothly, but I want to focus on moments from my life with momentum and potential for positive change, not oppression. I am going to continue to write about experiences that have to do with HOPE, HUMANITY, SHARING, CARING, COMMUNITY, and most importantly, THRIVING. Narcissists have no idea what it is like to THRIVE, but the people and stories in several of my upcoming blogs seem to have found a connection between thriving and investment in humanity.

So folks, who’s with me to rhetorically resist Trump with the thing he hates the most: THRIVING. Don’t focus on him, do things for yourself and better yet, for the world around you. Human connections, hope, and thriving wholeheartedly trump Trump.




P.S. Spoiler Alert: I won.


Note: The feature image is from The Art of Being Human: The Humanities as a Technique for Living (2nd Edition) by Richard Paul Janaro and Thelma C. Altshuler


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