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About Heliopause Molly



Molly stands up to The Farmer. Picture “embellished” as part of a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband. Some people get chocolate…he made me the most fabulous book. P.S. Next time find a better picture of me to clip up, big E.

What do I like: being a mom. I have six kids, I better at least be partially fuckin’ passionate about parenting. Second, I like to write and make small, really corny movies. Third, I am deeply inspired by the rhetoric of tolerance. Ten years ago I wrote a thesis that rhetorically looked at a real-world example from my engineering experience of moments of critical adaption as a means to open up individual creativity. Most of all, I love engaging communication and conversations that move us ALL forward.

What I really don’t like: I cannot stand circumstances (including some of my own) where people try to take over an identity of another and suppress creativity (Jafar – I’m pointing at you here). And there are things that I believe can be done to encourage the opposite. I am excited to be putting my feet into my own creative endeavors including this new blog. I am scared shitless as well; thus, I find myself practicing what I preach 1000 times a day to my kids:

I just want you to do what you love and NEVER give up!




Twitter: @heliopausemolly